Imagine a planned city amidst the exuberant landscape of the Cerrado, with urban parks, huge squares, and strategically designed green areas. Now visualize this between a large ridge and a huge lake. This is the scenario where the newest Brazilian was placed in the heart of the country. This is what visitors to Palmas, capital of Tocantins, find.

Good business opportunities have made the city a destination for many entrepreneurs seeking to understand the investment potential of this young state. But it is almost impossible to resist tourist attractions, especially those related to water, as it is a great opportunity to cool off from the high temperatures recorded throughout the year.

Therefore, there is a huge lake (630 km2, 8 km wide) formed by the construction of the Luis Eduardo Magalhães Hydroelectric Power Plant, where various water sports can be practiced. Only in the capital, there is 54 km of surface water, where there are large freshwater beaches.

The beaches Graciosa, Prata, Caju, Buritis, Arnos and Isla Canela are permanent beaches, with infrastructure and tents, where tourists can enjoy incredible culinary options, such as the traditional fried or roasted tucunaré. In addition, visitors can enjoy one of the most striking features of the city: the incomparable sunsets, which thrill even the most difficult people.



Just 32 km from the city center there is a small cozy place with hospitable people, filled with icy waterfalls that have attracted more and more people: the neighborhood of Taquaruçu. It is one of the oldest cities in the Tocantins. The town is just 60 km from Palmas, considered the historic home of Tocantins. Taquaruçu is a picturesque city, like so many others in the interior of Brazil. The waterfalls and pleasant weather contrast with the high temperatures in Palmas.

For many people living in Palmas, Taquaruçu is a refugee, where people go to replenish their energies. The place is also perfect for those looking for adrenaline. There are 82 waterfalls, waterfalls, caves, streams and belvederes, all suitable for practicing activities such as rappel, zip line, trekking - on foot or by bicycle - or just to refresh in these waters. Among the main attractions are waterfalls such as the Roncadeira Waterfall - which is 70 meters high -, the Monkey Waterfall, the Evilson Waterfall, the Quem Quer Valley Waterfall, the Taquaruçu Waterfall, the Sambaiba Waterfall, the Raizana Waterfall, Small Waterfall, Waterfall. Rapel, Cave Waterfall, São João River Rapid and Nature Spa.



Jalapão State Park is close to Mateiros and about 300 km from Palmas, capital of Tocantins. Much sought after for adventure tourism and ecotourism, the Park provides unforgettable experiences in its 34 thousand square km area.

Its natural landscapes of the Cerrado include rivers, transparent waterfalls, beautiful rock formations and various species of wildlife such as jaguars, maned wolves, macaws, and toucans. For the adventurous, the Park is ideal for canoeing, diving, rappelling and hiking through the various trails.

The famous postcards of the orange dunes and lush plains are great places to watch the sunset. You will also be enchanted by superb canyons such as Suçuapara, crystal clear waterfalls, such as the Antinous and Velha waterfalls, and the fiery waters of transparent waters.



Hills, mountains, waterfalls and remarkable craftsmanship: all this you will find in this small town, located 54 km from Palmas. Visitors will have fun on the way there, where you can see landmarks such as Morro do Leão and Morro do Segredo, the impressive mountains of the region. Stopping at the Mirador da Serra do Lajeado, a lookout overlooking the majestic nature of this region is almost mandatory.

Once in Lajeado, do not forget to visit the Green Island. Located right in the heart of the city, it has good infrastructure with bars and restaurants. The main attraction is a lake formed below a small waterfall, surrounded by ciliary forest. On the banks, there are many trees and lots of shade. Great for bathing, can be visited all year round.

Lajeado is also the headquarters of the Luís Eduardo Magalhães Hydroelectric Power Plant, which can be a different alternative destination and an opportunity to get to know the place better.